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Hundred Islands Philippines

The Hundred Islands of Alaminos City is probably the most popular tourist spot in Pangasinan. It is a group of approximately 123 islands and islets scattered over Lingayen Gulf, believed to be formed more than two million years ago.

Just around five hours away from Manila, Hundred Islands is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A cheap and fun way to experience the tropical Philippines be it as a day tour or an overnight trip, camping or staying in the accommodations on four developed islands – Quezon Island, Governor’s Island, Marcos Island and Children’s Islands.

With more than hundred islands harboring white sand beaches, caves, limestone rocks and cliffs, and rich marine life, Hundred Islands guarantee a well worth escape in this part of Pangasinan.

How to Get to Hundred Islands

Alaminos City is the gateway to the Hundred Islands National Park. It is around five hours by public bus from Manila.

Victory Liner, Solid North Bus, Dagupan Bus, Five Star Bus and Philippine Rabbit have multiple trips daily to Alaminos City. Aircon bus fare as of January 2018 is approximately P400 one-way Manila to Alaminos, while ordinary (non-aircon) bus fare is around P350.

From Alaminos City proper, ride a tricycle going to Barangay Lucap’s Lucap Don Gonzalo Montemayor Wharf, this is where the Tourism Information Center is located. Tricycles charge P15 per person and depart when full, chartered  rate is around P100 per ride good for five to six passengers.

The tourism office set standard boat rates to Hundred Islands National Park from Barangay Lucap (as of April 2012)

  • Day Tour (Entrance Fee: P30 per person / Environmental Fee: P40 per person / Insurance: P10 / person)
    Small Boat (1 to 5 persons) – P1,400
    Medium Boat (6 to 10 persons) – P1,800
    Big Boat (11 to 15 persons) – P2,000
  • Overnight (Entrance Fee: P30 per person / Environmental Fee: P80 per person / Insurance: P10 / person)
    Small Boat (1 to 5 persons) – P3,000
    Medium Boat (6 to 10 persons) – P3,800
    Big Boat (11 to 15 persons) – P4,500

Where to Stay in Hundred Islands

Quezon Islands, Governor’s Islands and Children’s Islands have cottages and rooms that can be rented for those who want to stay indoor. Rates start at P1,500 for a twin room, P2,000 for a family room and P2,500 for a big room. Picnic tables and cottages are also available for rent starting at P200 per day. For more information, checkout Asenso Pangasinan website or contact the Alaminos Tourism Office:

Alaminos City Tourism Office (24-hour hotline)
Contact Numbers: (075)205-0917 / +639209004470 / +639282449011 / +63939332411

Those who prefer to pitch a tent may choose from any of the islands allowed for camping. Camping fee is P200 per tent per night.

What to Do in Hundred Islands

  • Island hopping and boating
  • Beach bumming
  • Jump off the 20-feet high cliff of Marcos Island
  • Trek to the peak of the cliff in Governor’s Islands to see the unobstructed view of the park
  • Dive or snorkel to see the giant clams, coral areas and variety of tropical fishes
  • Camping
  • Water Sports:
    • Helmet Diving: P400/dive (15 minutes)
    • Banana Boat Ride (max 7 pax): P250/pax
    • Kayaking (max 2 pax): P250/hour
    • Snorkeling Gear Rental: P250/set (mask,snorkel, aqua shoes and life vest)
    • Jet Ski: P1,000/15 mins and P2,000/30 mins
    • Parasailing: P2,000/solo ride and P3,000/2 person
  • Other Activities:
    • Governor Island Zipline (546 m): P250/jump
    • Quezon Island Zipline (120 m): P100/jump
    • Wall Climbing: P50/pax
    • Rappelling: P50/pax
  • Sunset/sunrise
  • Visit the beaches of the neighboring towns – Bolinao, Tondol, Caboangaoan, Agno and Dasol (Culebra and Tambobong)
  • Drop by at Our Lady of Manaoag Church considered by Catholic as a miraculous church

Sample Itinerary in Hundred Islands
Budget: Less than P2,000 per person (group of four to five persons)

Day 1:
0000H: Departure (Cubao to Alaminos)
0400H: Arrival in Alaminos / Breakfast / Shop for supplies & food
0530H: Proceed to Barangay Lucap
0600H: Arrival in Barangay Lucap / Registration
0600H – 1600H: Island Hopping, Beach, Snorkeling and Other Activities
1600H – 1630H: Proceed to accommodation / camp
1630H onwards: Free time / Sunset / Rest / Dinner / Socials / Lights off

Day 2:
0700H – 0800H: Call Time / Breakfast
0800H – 1100H: Free time / more island hopping
1100H – 1200H: Return to Barangay Lucap
1200H – 1300H: Wash-up/Fix-up
1300H – 1330H: Barangay Lucap to Alaminos
1300H – 1500H: Lunch/Proceed to Bus Station
1500H – 2000H: Alaminos to Manila


  • The best time to go here is from November to April or during dry months
  • Mobile signal is available
  • The ideal time to leave Manila is at 12 midnight to reach Barangay Lucap by 6AM and to start island hopping early


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